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Woodpert arrow design wall hanging

Rs. 2,600.00

Woodpert wall rack

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Woodpert rosewood wall hang

Rs. 4,500.00

Woodpert rosewood wall hang

Rs. 2,850.00

Woodpert Bar cabinet wall hang

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Woodpert Hashtag wall hanging design

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Beautify Your Home Wall Decor With Our Unique Wall Hanging

Everyone is looking for beautiful art wall pieces to decorate their home and make it look trendy yet classy. To give it a unique look, people these days are using wall hanging, especially metal wall art, which has in no time become the new age dcor. Decorative metal can be stated as offering architectural decoration but stands no structural value.

Nowadays, instead of using conventional wall hangings, people are opting for wall decoration items and metal sculptures because they look stylish yet elegant at the same time. You can find numerous metal wall art pieces online or at any home wall dcor store. You will be able to get a massive variety in it, such as in the shape of flowers, tree wall art, bikes, God, butterflies, birds, leaves, kites, or anything that you are looking for. It takes the beauty of your room or any space to another level.
Factors to Consider While Buying Wall Decor Products
Here are a few things that you should look for before or while buying a wall hanging-

Go With Your Intuition

No one can judge your home better than you. Therefore, when buying things to personalize your space, opt for anything you like, whether a contemporary art piece or a modern wall sticker. Do not hesitate and buy any metal wall art piece that adds good vibes to your home and brings positivity.

Room Size

While purchasing the metal wall art decor or any other wall hanging decor, you must keep the room size in mind. You might like some big metal art pieces, but do not opt for a bigger size if you have a small room. It will occur like a misfit, plus it will make your room look relatively smaller and cramped.

Should Be In Contrast With Existing Decor

While purchasing any home dcor item, you should keep in mind that it goes with the existing theme. If you buy the metal wall art that goes well with the current theme, it will not look odd and, in fact, gel perfectly and add up to the current look.

Mix and Match

You must be thinking if you can put more than one metal wall art or not; of course, you can mix and match. You can purchase something in a matching colour tone but with distinct textures and designs. You need to arrange them neatly and make sure that they complement each other; in fact, it will add modish foliage to your room.


Just like you take time to buy wall hanging design, it is also essential to think about the positioning. You need to remember that you can opt for horizontal or vertical hanging as per the wall space. Furthermore, check the wall hanging size as well as it should also be according to the wall space.
Key Benefits of Having Metal Wall Hanging Products
While you know about the factors, let us also know about some of its benefits-

Durable And Long-Lasting

Many people prefer metal wall art because it is the material used in its making that helps make it last for longer. The metal is rugged, long-lasting and you can move it easily without any botheration.

Easy to Hang

One of the most significant and obvious benefits is the ease of hanging decorative items. You can effortlessly hang it at the desired place on the wall. It makes your room look immaculate and decorative if hung at an ideal height. You ought to calculate the length and angle to the exact parameter for perfect hanging placement.


Metal wall decor can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes because of the type of material used to make it and its finishing process. The best part about these wall showpieces is that they go well with every home wall design. You can also use it for embellishing your garden. It will improve the beauty of your garden and give it an excellent look. For example, if you have a landscape-style garden, you can use metal birds, butterflies, animals, or flowers in the garden.

Metal Wall Art Is Eye-Catching

Amongst all decor art pieces, the hanging decor is much more in trend these days because it is unique and attractive. Metal art is not that common as you must have seen people using framed pieces, canvas prints, or text printouts, but metal art is pretty new in the market. Metal wall art gives your home a fresh look, and it will for sure fetch your guest's attention.

Metal Wall Art Is Eco-Friendly

People do not prefer opting for any painting made of plastic or synthetic. Metal is by far one of the most well-known materials used because it is recyclable and is not harmful to the environment, plus it gives you a good feeling about decorating in this manner.
Different Types of Metal Wall Art
Metal wall art comes in various styles and materials; here are the details about it-

Lighted Wall Art

Sound interesting, isn't it? Yes, the metal wall art comes with a LED look. These metal arts are backlighted with LED lighting, and the best part is that a remote can control them. You can choose any colour you want and modify the setting of the light to jump, flash or fade.

Metal Art Sculpture

In metal art wall decor, you can also opt for sculptures. These wall sculptures are pretty unique and look elegant; in fact, some of them are lighted with beautiful sculptures.

Metal Wall Art Panel

If you have a big wall that you want to cover, you can opt for a metal art wall panel. It comes in small sizes, but mostly they are big in sizes as the pieces start from three and go up to seven panels.

Why Buy Wall Hanging Decor From Woodpert?

If you want to opt for any decor products, Woodpert should be the first name that should come to your mind. Woodpert provides everything you yearn for to make your home look more beautiful than ever before. You can find some of the best and most unique metal wall art here; you can shop wall decor online or go to the nearest store.
There are various reasons to buy from Woodpert, such as it is a pocket-friendly shop, delivers to your doorstep, massive variety, excellent quality products, and you get top brands to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Metal Wall Art?
An Art Work typically a wall hanging piece which is crafted from Metal including Iron, Bronze Copper is considered as Metal Wall Art, Metal art can be either purely decorative or functional.

What Are The Different Types Of Metal Wall Art Available On Woodpert?

At Woodpert, we have 100's of options to chose from, There are different designs of Metal Art available such as Floral, Automobile, Spiritual, Wildlife, People & Places & Abstract. These wall hangings may or may not have LED lighting in them.

Who Are The Top Sellers Of Wall Decor Products?

At Woodpert, top metal wall art sellers are Vedas, Malik Designs, Sugandha, BK Exports and more.