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Woodpert Luxury wooden rocking chair

Rs. 15,000.00

Woodpert rocking chair

Rs. 21,000.00

Woodpert cushioned rocking chair

Rs. 23,500.00

Woodpert full covered rocking chair

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Add a Touch of Style and Comfort to Your Homes with New Rocking Chairs

A rocking chair is an urban legend. The legend of these chairs is deep-rooted in history, and it goes back to 1787. The chair was first developed for the US president John F. Kennedy to help him deal with his back pain, and they have become famous for their uniqueness ever since. This easy chair should find a spot in every home as you can sit on it and spend a relaxed evening.
This kind of chair has become a relaxing chair, and whether you stay at home or work, you must enjoy the comfort that this easy chair offers. You can get a relaxing chair for home and place it anywhere in your home. You can place it beside your bed, read your books, or place it on your front lawn to sunbathe and relax. A resting chair has now become essential for every household. Let's check out everything you should know before buying a rest chair.

Things to Know Before Buying a Wooden Rocking Chair

It would help if you considered several things before buy rocking chair for your home. It would help if you had these considerations at the top of your mind before buying yourself a rocking chair:


Apart from luxury, an easy chair also helps you in posture correction and can be suggested as a lifestyle change if you are experiencing any back pain or spinal issues. Buying a rocking chair is quite personal as different people have different purposes for buying it. You may use it to enhance the house's aesthetic appeal, while someone else might need it for health reasons. Therefore, knowing the chair's purpose is very important before you purchase it. You check easy chairs online and then decide which one to buy based on your requirements.

Material Used

The material used in making the rocking chair is an important consideration. If you are looking for durability, you must go with a wooden rocking chair. Other factors are dependent on the material. The amount of maintenance required and the chair's comfort will also depend on the material used. You can also get a wooden recliner chair if comfort is your top priority. It would be best if you remembered that the price of the rocking chair would also be dependent on the material used to make it. You must check the rocking chair's price and then decide which one to buy.


The dimensions also play a significant role in selecting the correct rocking chair. It is easy to check the chair's dimensions if you are physically buying it. However, if you are purchasing a rocking chair online, you must make sure that you check the chair's dimensions. Suppose you are purchasing a wooden recliner chair; you need to check the height, size and space the chair will take to plan the layout of your house accordingly.


Colour is also an essential aspect for checking if you plan to buy rocking chair Online. The easy chair price changes with the colour you pick. Colourful chairs might be cheaper than the black ones and have a matte finish. You can check out the different colours in which the chair is available and then purchase it.

Different Types of Relaxing Chair For Home

There are different types of rocking chairs out there. While the easy chair wooden make might be the most popular kind, there are other kinds of rocking chairs too.

Traditional Rocking Chair

The classic rocking chair can be the best choice for you. These are distinguished by their curving legs, which serve as the mechanism for the chair's rocking back and forth. The most frequent and least expensive form of a rocking chair is this one. It is also often regarded as the most durable due to its time-tested design.

Glider Rocking Chair

Glider rockers are more complicated than standard rocking chairs since they feature a lever and hinge mechanism that allows the chair to rock back and forth on a flat plane rather than the traditional arc. These are known to be more comfortable than the other rocking chairs. However, you must check the relax chair price as these are a little expensive.

Spring Rocking Chair

These chairs are an amalgamation of traditional and gliding rocking chairs. They move like traditional chairs, but they also have a spring mechanism like the modern ones.The mechanism is complimented, and the designers don't want the world to see it. So, they place the mechanism in an aesthetic box placed at the bottom of the chair. These are a great choice, and the rocking chair price comes in the affordable category.

Swivel Rocking Chair

These chairs sway in motion while staying in the same place. Any regular rocking chair can be modified into a swivel rocking chair. The design for these chairs is complicated, but they add to the house's aesthetic value. The comfort factor is quite remarkable in these chairs.

Benefits of Buying a Resting Chair Online

There are several benefits of buying a rocking chair. You must check these benefits before making a purchase decision:
Rocking chairs have several health benefits. They have proven to reduce anxiety and depression in adults. The rocking motion of the chairs triggers the release of endorphins that can have a soothing effect. Also, the motion improves the blood flow in the body.
They are best suited for people who have a back pain problem. The cushion on these chairs provides added comfort.
They offer extra seating in the house along with the sofas and stools. You can place a rocking chair near your bookshelf or in your garden.
These chairs are known to be the most comfortable chairs out there. So, owning a few of them will not be a hassle.

Whats People Choice - Trending Rocking Chair Design in 2022 Several rocking chairs are trending currently, and you should invest in these chairs in 2022. If you are considering buying a relaxing chair, you can consider the following options:
  • Contemporary rocking chair
  • Plush cushioning chair
  • Wooden rockers chair
  • Leather rocking chair
At Woodpert, you can get your favourite rocking chair at the best deals. Come and visit the mixture of luxury and comfort at Woodpert and choose a rocking chair that perfectly fits your home.

Top Selling Products Offered by Woodpert

Woodpert is known for its fantastic & reliable chair collection. You can either invest in the Stellar Teak Wood Rocking Chair or go minimalistic with the Rezzan Solid Wood Rocking chair. If you are looking for a cost-friendly option, you can also look at the Daisy Rocking Chair, available in multiple colours. You will find all the latest designs and coveted styles of rocking chairs on Woodpert.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Which Is the most comfortable rocking chair?
The Swivel rocking chair is one of the most comfortable rocking chairs.

How much weight can the relaxing chair hold?
A rocking chair can hold a weight of up to 250 lbs or 114 kgs.

What material is used in a rocking chair?
Different rocking chairs are made of different materials. Some are made out of pine and other kinds of softwood, while others are made of oak and similar hardwoods. You can pick one based on your requirements.

Do rocking chairs work on carpet?
A rocking chair will work perfectly fine if your carpet is placed without any creases.